Photo Shoots With Bill Dobbins
In December of 1999, when I decided to establish a web-site and return to the public eye, I knew that I was going to have to contact some photographers in order to get new photos for my site. Immediately, the name Bill Dobbins came to mind. Not only did I remember him as a great and artistic Photographer, but he was and still is the greatest individual supporter of female bodybuilding. So I gave him a call and as expected the result was a memorable photo shoot. He is the type of photographer that will visualize the picture prior to taking it. Sometimes, 5 to 10 minutes would elapse between shots; therefore, very few pictures were ever wasted. Furthermore, as an artist he has been able to portray the athletic female body in a ways that seperate him from others; some call it extreme, some call it eccentric, I would call it 'the quality of a genius': the 'Salvador Dali' of athletic female photography.
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