Photo Shoots With David Paul
'A Giant Among Photographers'

On the day that I had my first photo shoot with David Paul, one thought continuously crossed my mind: ‘In my 20 years as a model for bodybuilding and physique photos, I had never seen a camera look so small in the hands of a photographer.’

Although prior to the photo shoot I had heard from Robert Kennedy that David was an exceptional photographer, I mainly knew of David through his exploits as a bodybuilder, who along with his brother Peter, are better known as the infamous ‘Barbarian Brothers’. This image of him and the fact that he handled his expensive camera and professional gear as if it they were all disposable objects, made me ponder on what kind of adventure this photo shoot was going to be. When they say, ‘first impressions are often misleading’, they must have had David Paul in mind. The two day photo shoot with him not only resulted in beautiful, unique, and even magical photos, but I had not felt that comfortable and at ease in front of a camera in a long time.

Through an endless amount of creativity, sensitivity and intuition, David was able to capture with his camera images of vitality and strength, and he even seemed to be able to feel when these moments were not posed but were actually expressions of my inner self.

The choices of location and themes for the photo shoots were often spontaneous, leading to a lot of traveling over the two days, along with several laughs and a few small adventures. One of them was during the photo shoot on the porch of an old and abandoned house. David’s weight must have been too much for the old boards of that porch and he literally crashed through the floor and into a depth of the darkness. At first, Joanna (David’s agent) and I had to laugh because the whole thing looked so unreal and hilarious, but then we became worried because neither of us knew how deep David had actually fallen. After a few moments of letting the dust settle, we heard and then saw David cursing and moaning his way out of the hole. We were grateful to see that the ‘Giant’ and his ‘little camera’ escaped another adventure with only a few bruises and scratches to tell of. In ‘photo shoot 1’ are some photos of those two adventurous days.

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not thank Robert Kennedy for setting up the first photo shoot with David. I also want to thank both David and Joanna for all our photo shoots that are helping me represent bodybuilding in all it beauty.