Snap Shots In Monterey
On my visit in March of this year to the U.S, I had some pictures taken on a beach in Monterey, California . Part 1 was taken at the beginning of my visit. Part 2 was taken 4 weeks later. During those 4 weeks, I had a intense work-out routine and conducted 3 seperate photo-shoots. One of those photo shoots was with Bill Dobbins, which you can also view on this site; the other two photo shoots should be available in the near future. Anyway, training in the US and staying in shape for those photo shoots must have been good for me, since as you can see, I am in better shape after those 4 weeks (Part 2) than before (Part 1). Furthermore, these pictures were taken with no special lighting or extra make-up, and they were shot with just a regular 35mm camera.