The Importance of having a Personal Trainer

It is well known that the success of learning a sport such as tennis, golf or horseback riding often depends on having a trainer and the quality of instruction received. This same principle applies to any form of weight and fitness training. Spending money on a trainer may not fit within your planned expenses, but you should consider on how important your quest for health and fitness is and if you really want to make it a reality.
Think about how much we spend on the care and maintenance of our automobiles. Very few people can maintain or fix cars by just using a manual, and it often takes trained mechanics to handle regular tune-ups. Well, the human body is a lot more complicated than any machine, and generally the hourly rate of a personal trainer is less than that of an auto mechanic. You may not need to have a personal trainer for every workout, but I do advise that beginners use a trainer to establish their training plan and to monitor their progress over the first few months. Even individuals that are at an intermediate or advanced level can benefit from a trainer (why do you think some of the best athletes in this world have coaches). Personal trainers can help when you have hit a sticking point, or can provide information to periodically update your own knowledge on nutrition and training principles.
Here are a few suggestions on selecting a personal trainer: Look for one who has had formal schooling in health and fitness, and has had practical experiences as an athlete. Also, your trainer must be able to give you individual nutritional counseling and should have some knowledge in the mental aspects of training. Finally, make sure you like and respect your personal trainer, and that he or she has the qualities of being a good role model.